Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Life of Old Town

New Life of Old Town
New Life Batumi became apparent immediately after coming to power of Georgia Batumi,young politicians from the first day was a priority, and its revival to the present day is a great pace. After Batumi has become an attractive investment here were pulled from around the world,world brands have raised their hotels here,open chain stores and restaurants, and much more,Batumi began to visit the world's stars and little known before this beautiful city has become one of the most attractive on the coast Black Sea

The infrastructure of the city as well as the region's very high-class residents of Batumi,do love their city and take care of it ,there,Mosque Synagogue,Catholic and Orthodox churches and holy places to Fight representatives of different faiths to prehavshy here,guest feel as comfortable as possible
The Government of Georgia for the decentralization of power shifted in Batumi is one of the most important departments-"The Constitutional Court of Georgia" that betrayed the city is also an important political status!
Ajara region of Georgia is the center of which is Batumi.Region enjoys broad autonomy but of course the decision taken in concert with the central power,a brief overview of the political parties at Batumi,arriving in this city last thing you want to talk about politics,just because of Batumi city recreation and entertainment . Beautiful mountain and sea climate create excellent range and make this city great!

Batumi is filled with wonderful aroma of plants of which there are many, and among them there is a very rare and wonderful aroma fills the entire city especially in the evening,sit in a cafe on the beach or just stroll on this beautiful city is a great pleasure!
Here you can hear many languages ​​because tourists come here from different countries but English is the most common. In Batumi, you can always find a place where you will be pleased,there are areas with high multi-storey buildings and narrow streets passing by which you will find yourself in the old times, of course, in a restored form. In the evening and at night lit up with bright iridescent Batumi ,color lights and dancing fountains, and this creates an unforgettable beauty, nightlife is very important of course because it is a seaside resort and everything has been done here so that fans of both daytime and night-life as a great time, about the night life of Batumi we will tell you in our blog article, next!
We also tell you where and how you can have fun at night in this beautiful city and that you are offer!
We hope that you do us a very interesting and thank you!

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